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Top 180 Google Adsense Alternative Companies

Absolute Agency (absoluteagency.com)
ad pepper media(adpepper.com)
AdBrite *
Adconian (adconion.com)
AdDynamix (addynamix.com)
ADEngage (adengage.com)
AdFish (adfish.com)
Adgenta QAds (qads.qumana.com)
adgridwork (adgridwork.com)
Adicate (adicate.com)
Adify (adify.com)
AdJungle (adjungle.com)
Adknowledge *
AdlandPro (adlandpro.com)
Adlink Media (adlinkmedia.co.uk/)
AdMentum (fastsearch.com)
AdMob (admob.com)
AdOrigin (adorigin.com)
Adperk (adperk.com)
Ads-Click (ads-click.com)
ADSDAQ Ad Exchange (exchange.contextweb.com)
adsmarket (adsmarket.com)
AdSmart (adsmart.net)
adtechnica (adtechnica.com)
Adtegrity (adtegrity.com)
AdToll (.adtoll.com)
Advertising.com (advertising.com)
Advertlets (advertlets.com)
AdVolcano *
AffiliateFuel (affiliatefuel.com)
AffiliateFuture (affiliatefuture.com)
Agendize (agendize.com)
AmaSensAds (amasenseads.com)
Ampira Media (ampiramedia.com)
Anastasia International (4affiliate.net)
Auction Ads *
AVN Ads *
Axill (axill.com)
AzoogleAds (azoogleads.com)
Bannerconnect (bannerconnect.net)
BannerSpace (bannerspace.com)
BardzoMedia (bardzomedia.com)
BClick (bclick.com)
Bidvertiser (bidvertiser.com)
Bla.st (bla.st)
Black Label Ads *
BlinkAccess (blinkaccess.com)
BlogAds (web.blogads.com)
BlogKits (blogkits.com)
BlueLithium (bluelithium.com)
BurstMedia *
BusinessLinked (businesslinked.com)
buyat (buy.at)
Casale Media (casalemedia.com)
CBprosense (cbprosense.net)
Chitika *
Claxon *
Click2Sell (click2sell.eu)
ClickBank (clickbank.com)
Clickbooth (clickbooth.com)
Clickhype (clickhype.com)
Clicksor *
clickXchange (clickxchange.com)
clixGalore (clixgalore.com)
CNet Shopper (shopper.cnet.com)
Commission Junction (cj.com)
Commission Monster (commissionmonster.com.au)
Copernic Media (mammamediasolutions.com)
CoverClicks (coverclicks.com)
CPX Interactive (cpxinteractive.com)
CrispAds (crispads.com)
CyberBounty (cyberbounty.com)
DarkBlue (darkblue.com)
Dragon Media Online (dragonmediaonline.com)
easyAd (easyad.info)
eBay AdContext
eClickZ (eclickz.com)
Enhance Interactive (enhance.com)
Enikos (enikos.com)
eType Europe (etype-europe.com)
eType USA (etypeusa.com)
exoClick (exoclick.com)
ExpoActive (expoactive.com)
Federated Media (federatedmedia.net)
FindItQuick (findit-quick.com/2affiliate.html)
FineClicks (fineclicks.com)
FluxAds (fluxads.com)
Gokita (gokita.com)
Gorilla Nation (gorillanation.com)
Her Agency (heragency.com)
HispanoClick (hispanoclick.com)
Hyperbidder (hyperbidder.com)
IndustryBrains (industrybrains.com)
infolinks (infolinks.com)
Integri (intergi.com)
InterClick (interclick.com)
Interevco (interevco.com)
JoeTec (joetec.net)
Kanoodle (kanoodle.com)
Komli (komli.com)
Kontera *
Kowabunga! (kowabunga.com)
LinkBliss (linkbliss.com)
LinkLike (linklike.com)
LinkShareAds *
LinkWorth (linkworth.com)
MaxBounty (maxbounty.com)
MetaReward (metareward.com)
Microsoft adCenter (adcenter.microsoft.com)
Mirago *
MochiAds (mochiads.com)
Money4Banners (money4banners.co.uk)
MoreNiche (moreniche.com)
MVAV Media (mvav.com)
NeverblueAds (neverblueads.com)
Nixxie *
Nuffnang (nuffnang.com)
OMG (uk.omgpm.com/network)
OneMonkey (onemonkey.com)
Opt-Media (opt-media.com)
Oridian *
Oxado *
PayDotCom (paydotcom.com)
PayPerPost (payperpost.com)
PayPopUp (paypopup.com)
Pepperjam (pepperjamnetwork.com)
PerformancingAds (performancingads.com)
Pheedo (pheedo.com)
Phorm (phorm.com)
PointRoll (pointroll.com)
PopUpTraffic (popuptraffic.com)
Premium Network (premiumnetwork.com)
PrimaryAds (primaryads.com)
ProfitCenter (profitcenternetwork.com)
Project Wonderful (projectwonderful.com)
PubMatic (pubmatic.com)
Pulse 360 (pulse360.com)
QuinStreet (quinstreet.com)
Real Media *
RealCast Media (realcastmedia.com)
RealTechNetwork (realtechnetwork.com)
Revenue Science (revenuescience.com)
Revenue.net (revenue.net)
RevenuePILOT *
ReviewMe (reviewme.com)
RevoClix (revoclix.com)
Right Media Exchange (rightmedia.com)
Robert Sherman Company (robertsherman.com)
ROI Rocket (roirocket.com)
Searchfeed (searchfeed.com)
Shareasale (shareasale.com)
Shopping.com (shopping.com)
SpeedyAds (entireweb.com/speedyads)
Sponsored Reviews (sponsoredreviews.com)
Strategic Affiliates (strategicaffiliates.com)
Text Link Ads (text-link-ads.com)
Textads Dot Biz (textads.biz)
TextWise (textwise.com)
TNX.Net (tnx.net)
Trade Doubler (tradedoubler.com)
Traffic Marketplace (trafficmp.com)
Tremor Media (tremormedia.com)
Tribal Fusion *
TTZMedia (ttzmedia.com)
ValidClick *
ValueAd (valuead.com)
ValueClick Media *
Veoda (veoda.com)
Vibrant Media (vibrantmedia.com)
Vizu Polls (vizu.com)
WayPointCash (waypointcash.com)
Web Advertising (webadvertising.ca)
WebSponsors (websponsors.com)
WhenU (whenu.com)
WidgetBucks (widgetbucks.com)
Yahoo Publisher Network *
YesAdvertising (yesadvertising.com)

You can place ads at all companies. There is no dispute between any of these companies.

Companies offer publishers the possibility of integrating text ads in their pages. These are done on your own rates, with the websites you approve by hand so it bares some similarities with a classic advertising scheme. You also have the option of adding a "Your Add Here" button that buyers can immediately click to ad space on your page. It can also be used in conjunction with Google AdSense, maximizing your CTR and offering advertisers the possibility of showing their links in your Google AdSense space. You have full control over the look and feel of your adds and finally, you get an incredible 75% of what the advertiser pays for on every click.

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